Maria is a highly experienced Brisbane based Casting Director with over 20 years of experience under her belt. She was co-founder of 2 leading Melbourne casting agencies:  2 Divas and Chameleon Casting proving she can handle any project that comes her way.

In addition to her casting work, Maria is the director and founder of Brave Studios, a highly respected acting school known for its exceptional training programs. Her passion for nurturing talent and bringing out the best in actors has earned her a solid reputation in the entertainment community.

Maria’s network extends from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and beyond, giving access to top-notch studios, cutting-edge casting tools, and a pool of incredibly talented actors along the east coast of Australia.

She is a strong advocate for equal representation and diversity in the Australian film and creative industries and is passionate about  creating a safe and nurturing environment where she can get the best out of actors in every audition.

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