What to do if you are feeling unwell prior to the class commencing?

Please advise us prior to class commencing if you have any Covid 19 symptoms or are feeling unwell. You will be transferred into the next available course.

Do I need to have an agent?

You don’t need to have an agent to complete this course or to work in the industry. This is however something that I can help you with if it is something you want to pursue.

How do I get an agent?

Once we have spent some time working together and I know what direction you would like to focus on – I can help suggest agents that will hopefully align with the direction you are hoping to take

Do I need to have a headshot?

You don’t need to have a headshot in order to complete the course but it is something that you will definitely need if you want to pursue work in this industry. A current headshot is a must but this doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of cash! I can help advise you in regards to headshots

Do I need a showreel?

Not necessarily but with many of my courses you will have some material to take away that you can potentially use to help you get an agent. 

I don’t have any experience – how do I start?

Please remember everyone that starts in this business starts with no experience. There is work in this industry for people at all levels of experience.

What do I get from courses at Audition Pro that I wont get anywhere else?

A casting directors perspective with 30 years experience and an honest evaluation of your talents with a focus on developing and capitalising on your strengths.

How are the tickets delivered?

Once you purchase your course, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download tickets. Don't worry, you will also be on Maria list.

You will also receive an email asking for further details to complete your enrolment.

Do I need to prepare anything for the course?

Maria will be in touch 10 days prior to the course start date to advise you of any preparation required.

What if I can't make it on the day?

All course tickets are non refundable. Please check all dates and times before course purchase.

Can I transfer the ticket to another day?

Transfers are allowed wherever possible for a fee of $75 and with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Please note this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the availability of tickets on other course days.